Monday, November 20, 2017
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Media turn against Roy Moore As more accusers talk to press.

General says he’d deny ‘illegal’ order for nuke strike Fox News military analyst Oliver North reacts on 'Fox & Friends.'

Father Morris on healing divisions during the holidays Many families are afraid of talking politics this Thanksgiving.

Rep. Mia Love on problem of sexual harassment in Congress Utah congresswoman shares her thoughts on 'Fox News Sunday.'

United States Army to have its own museum Visit and for more information.

Gutfeld: Trump’s gifts from his Asia trip The president returns home with some diplomacy wins.

Who is the sexiest man? Judge Jeanine gets answers for 'Street Justice.'

Joe Biden not ruling out a 2020 presidential run Reaction on 'The Greg Gutfeld Show.'

Man speaks out on fight to keep ’emotional support squirrel’ Ryan Boylan sits down with 'Watters' World' to discuss the eviction battle he's facing.